A Life Worth Living

Facebook sucks. It's unattractive, riddled with annoying advertisements and never, ever does what I want. So I've been looking around for alternatives. Google threw up this article comparing four somewhat similar apps and diaspora sounded interesting. It's an open source project that provides social networking facilities, much like Facebook, but it's distributed over a network…Read more A Life Worth Living

Winter Is Never

This video appeared on the Proglodytes blog last week. It pleased Crotchety Man greatly and impelled him to pursue Gazpacho across previously uncharted regions of online musicland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okjo3tRZnNY For English speakers 'Gazpacho' is a strange word. It's a Spanish word for a cold vegetable soup. Not the most promising name for a band, you would…Read more Winter Is Never