About the Site

This is my music blog. It will contain my comments on the artists, albums and tracks that I like, with links to the tunes themselves wherever possible. It will cover a wide range of genres: indie, alternative, rock, jazz, folk, pop, a smattering of classical, and everything in between. It’s easy to find indie music these days, so that will feature prominently, but I’ll provide as much variety as I can. That said, there will be no opera, no Viennese waltzes, no country music, no hip-hop and nothing ponderously slow.

The site has a Home page that describes the site, a Posts page that contains an ever growing list of blog posts and one or two other fairly static pages (e.g. Photos).

This is the Home page. There’s a title bar at the top with a menu containing links to other pages. Below the title bar is this About section and then a Browse section containing widgets for browsing the site. On the bottom bar there are links to each of the page sections.

I encourage your comments and recommendations. As Mick Jagger once said, I’ll listen to anything with a beat.