Old Friends

And New Acquaintances My recent Spotify Release Radar playlists have yielded a glut of riches. So, this week, I'm offering around 45 minutes of music covering a range of styles, spread over two playlists. Old Friends The Old Friends collection features artists that have appeared in these pages before: the Canadian acoustic guitarist, Calum Graham…Read more Old Friends

Beyond the Illusion

2D or not 2D? The Crotchety wordsmith is officially on sick leave today. A nasty dose of 'flu has stiffened his fingers and addled his brain. So I'm just going to recommend the 2021 album, Beyond the Illusion, by Stefano Panunzi for your listening pleasure. https://open.spotify.com/album/7z1TQoe3meczYTzERbnJlM?si=5F3XmegCTQiiGbsSYfniyw There are strong influences of Richard Barbieri, Mick Karn…Read more Beyond the Illusion

Chris Opperman

Opperman was first inspired to become a composer by hearing the music of Frank Zappa. The Chris Opperman website The Zappa influence on Chris Opperman's compositions is clear on his debut album, Oppy Music, Vol I: Purple, Crayon. But there are more strings to his bow (and his piano) than that. The solo piano pieces…Read more Chris Opperman