Love Song #43

It will be Valentines Day on Saturday, so let’s have a love song as my track of the week. I’ve got plenty to choose from – most pop songs seem to be about romantic love – but I don’t want anything too sentimental. I think Made Up Love Song #43 by Guillemots fits the bill. As you can probably guess from the tongue-in-cheek title, it’s a light-hearted tune, but it captures the joyful surprise of falling in love rather well.


The track starts quietly with electric piano arpeggios and Fyfe Dangerfield’s wistful singing, building slowly with synthesised strings and the tapping of a drumstick. Then it bursts into life with guitars, acoustic bass and backing vocals. Fyfe sings another verse and his voice soars to a playful crescendo as if he’s dancing on air. Then he floats gently back down to earth, the music subsides, slows and fades away leaving just the memory of a blissful day.

If you’re planning a romantic evening this weekend Love Song #43 should remind you of that time when you first found love. And, when the time is right, you can steal a line from the song:

I can’t believe you care.

(YouTube video:

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