Paper Earth

Papier maché model of the Earth

Crotchety Man has nothing to say this week. No words of his could possibly do justice to this spine-tingling performance by Bent Knee and the Boston Conservatory Percussion Ensemble. Just watch this video and be transported to a happier place for the next 30 minutes.

BENT KNEE – Paper Earth (Live 2018 / Full Concert).

Filmed live at Berklee College of Music

I. Paper Earth
II. Slideshow
III. Wasn’t Even There
IV. Interlude
V. Tone My Crazy
VI. Acceleration

Bent Knee is:

Ben Levin
Chris Baum
Courtney Swain
Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth
Jessica Kion
Vince Welch


Euphina Yap
Gabriella Mayer
Harry Zhang
Jason Chen
Joanna Chen
John Tyree
Nick Stevens
Ruben Eduardo Bañuelos
Stephon Davis

Video Production by DeSant Productions

Additional Arranging by Samuel Solomon
Matchmaking by Judd Greenstein

Paper Earth (2018), written by Bent Knee, was jointly commissioned by Celebrity Series of Boston’s Stave Sessions and the Ecstatic Music Festival.

Crotchety Man would like to thank the Proglodytes blog for bringing this video to his attention.

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