My Release Radar playlist on Spotify was rubbish this week. It gave me: a cathedral choir that didn’t chime with my mood; mediocre songs best hidden in the middle of a long album; remixes that belong on the cutting room floor; tedious ambient tracks; and some unpleasantly grating noises. The few good tracks were by artists I’ve mentioned recently in these pages and are therefore temporarily disqualified for further coverage by the unwritten rules of this blog.

“Have my broad listening habits confused the Spotify selection bots?”, I wondered. Or, perhaps, this is yet another effect of the Brexit farce. The Release Radar date and original Brexit deadline of 29th March has come and gone and we are still in the EU, clinging on by our finger tips. The UK parliament has made plenty of plans for leaving the European Union … and rejected all of them. Can it really be so difficult to find the exit door?

This nightmarish video by Foals seems to sum up the present situation perfectly.

I did not understand this video.
I do not understand life.
I am egg.

 – montopunk

Exits is a single from Foals latest album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: Part 1, which was released on 8th March. It carries all of Foals distinctive elements: a driving bass line, a rocking beat, a melodic hook, smooth vocal harmonies and an interesting mix of guitar, keys and other instruments. Where the lyric lines are dark and mysterious the music steps lightly across the boards. Anyone familiar with Foals will recognise it instantly.


It seems to me that our politicians should heed the age old advice: when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. There is one very simple solution to the Brexit debacle: cancel “Brexit stage right” and remain centre stage in Europe. Unfortunately, this still seems to be the least likely outcome of the endless political wranglings that have plagued the UK for nearly three years so far and may well rumble on for many years yet.

Another track on Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: Part 1 sums up the mood here at Crotchety Mansions, UK; it’s called I’m Done With The World (And It’s Done With Me).

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