Things to do, places to go, people to see.¹ Last weekend it was the Humanists UK Convention, this weekend it’s the annual village Open Gardens weekend, next Sunday there’s the Farmers’ Market, all of which require my presence and not a little preparation. So, I shall be wearing my Crotchety Man hat only briefly again today.

I have chosen as my track-of-the-week Zoom by Paul Landry and Robeone.

Landry is a guitarist and keyboard player from Liverpool in the UK; Robeone is the moniker of Robert Evan Schindler, another keyboard exponent, from North Carolina in the U.S. Neither have much of a presence on the Internet but the Crotchety Research Department has managed to dig up these two quotes, which go some way towards justifying their inclusion in these blog pages.

[Paul Landry’s website]

New age music, ambient music and progressive rock

[Robert Evan Schindler’s Facebook page]

Genre: Jazz/Blues/Rock/New Age

Influences: Kieth Emerson, Brian Auger, Rick Wakeman, Jordan Rudess,Oscar Peterson²

Another reason for choosing this piece is that it represents an unusual combination of musical styles: ambient and jazz. Too often ambient music wanders aimlessly around, seemingly going nowhere, but the jazz influences in this track give it enough purpose and direction to hold the attention of even the sleepiest of goldfish. It might even turn the head of a speeding roadrunner.


  1. Will somebody, please, tell me where this quotation comes from and whether I have it right?
  2. I have resisted the temptation to correct the spelling mistake and missing space on the Facebook page.

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