Then Again

infinite regression

Crotchety Man has just returned from a one-week holiday in Cornwall, a county in the far south west corner of England. The map app on the household Mac says it’s about a 5 hour drive from here but the journey home took twice as long. That was partly because we chose the slower, leafier A-roads to avoid the worst of the holdups on the motorways and partly because we took several breaks to stretch our legs and take refreshments¹. It was a pleasant, but tiring, journey and it has left this blogger’s wanderlust somewhat wilted. So, for this track-of-the-week, I’m going back to a relaxing, familiar place in the musical landscape.

Canadian indie rockers, Half Moon Run have appeared here twice before and, with their latest single release, they have given us another perfect accompaniment to the English cream tea for which the West Country is rightly famous. Officially, it’s against the house rules to visit the same places repeatedly but, then again, some places are too good to stay away from for too long. So, grab a scone, spread it with jam and cream, brew yourself a nice cup of English breakfast tea and enjoy the best that Cornwall can offer a weary traveller.

According to NME magazine, Then Again is a taster for the upcoming third album from Half Moon Run, for which I can find neither title nor release date. However, the band have announced a tour taking in Canada, the United States and Europe. Several dates are already sold out so be quick if you are a fan of HMR and want to see them live.

Some say you can have too much of a good thing and I suppose that’s true but, like cream teas and holidays, Half Moon songs have never yet ceased to please the Crotchety palate. If this is a taster for things to come I think we can look forward to some mouthwatering refreshments as we travel the roads of Canadian indie rock.

Half Moon Run


  1. For the record, we stopped at a crowded services area just before the M5 motorway mid-morning, stumbled upon a lovely little garden in Somerset around lunchtime, visited the famously picturesque village of Laycock at tea time and briefly patronised a lonely Starbuck’s just outside Warwick half an hour before they closed in the early evening.
  2. Just a day before it was due to start the Boardmasters surfing and music festival that was to take place not far from our holiday cottage was cancelled because the weather forecasters were predicting strong winds and heavy rain across much of England. Fortunately for us the winds were not so wild and the clouds mostly passed over before dropping their watery cargo further north and east.

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