Indie Interlude

fox & flowers

Now that the humans are all stuck indoors some of the shyer animals have come out to saunter through our gardens and streets. While they take over outside I have been drawn to those easy-to-listen-to songs that the Indie bands do so well. And, with time on our hands, I thought the Crotchety readership deserved more than a single track-of-the-week this time. So, here’s a one hour playlist on YouTube (below) and Spotify (here) to keep you company as we all sit out the long days of the virus.

Nearly all of these songs have featured in this blog before and need no further comment, although some of the videos are making their first appearance here.

I’ll leave you with the Auntie-Goat to the lockdown blues. Auntie herself is clearly immune from Covid-19. Her nephew, the vole, is looking quite unwell and the gardening mole seems to be in need of intensive care. All of us at Crotchety Mansions wish them well.

goat in the garden


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