Run For Cover

Crotchety Man has been exploring Hubzilla country for about three months now. I’ve come across interesting artefacts in all the arts, including literature and painting, but I haven’t ventured much beyond the celestial music sphere so far. Even in this relatively confined space I’ve been introduced to all sorts of hitherto unknown wonders.

Hubzilla seems to be a mostly European phenomenon. It provides a virtual home for people from Spain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia and some of the more obscure Eastern European states. Beyond that there is the odd individual from Australia and a few from Central and South America. I can’t recall any from the U.S. or Canada, which is refreshing. The video featured here, though, takes us to Southeast Asia – Thailand, to be precise. Given its global reach and its non-U.S. focus it’s hardly surprising that Hubzilla is broadening my listening horizons.

Having said that, this version of Marcus Miller’s Run For Cover sits well within the usual Crotchety Sphere, centred as it is on prog rock and jazz. True to the spirit of the original this is a funky jazz tune that puts the bass player front and centre stage. Phrima’s Band, however, substitutes an electric guitar for the horns, giving it more of a jazz/rock fusion flavour.

May Patcharapong was a new name in the Crotchety Vaults. According to the biography on his website, his full name is May Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong but, thankfully for westerners, he uses the two-word moniker as his stage name. He has been a frequent participant in jazz festivals for many years, he won the Rock Dream Team competition run by the TPBS T.V. station in 2008 and he teaches at Mahidol University in Thailand.

Until recently his band had a regular slot at the Saxophone jazz and blues pub in Bangkok, which is where this video was recorded. Come, fix yourself a drink and while away the evening with a few friends as you listen to a master of the bass guitar and his excellent band. There’s no better atmosphere anywhere in Southeast Asia or, indeed, anywhere in the whole of Hubzilla land.

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