A rather lovely song by the progressive folk band, Honeysuckle, floated by on the cyberwind last week. And this week the wind blew a big container ship askew across the Suez Canal blocking billions of dollars worth of trade. What’s the connection? The song and the company that owns the stricken ship are both called Evergreen.

The serendipitous confluence of the song and current events prompted Crotchety Man to investigate the band and their earlier work. The song was released as a single just a few days ago; here’s the official video:

Honeysuckle is the musical pairing of Holly McGarry (voice, guitar, banjo) and Chris Bloniarz (voice, mandolins, bass, keys). They are based in Boston and have been making music together since at least 2015 when they made their first EP, Arrows. Since then they have performed at festivals across the U.S., won two gongs at the Boston Music Awards and released three albums.

On the Crotchety scale of merit they come in at 4 stars – always worth listening to but never quite worthy of superlatives. In fact, the Evergreen track is the one I’ve enjoyed the most. But don’t let me put you off. If you like folk in the hinterlands of Americana you will appreciate the sound of nature and the scent of the pine forests that pervades their music.

Honeysuckle: Holly McGarry and Chris Bloniarz

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