Lucky Dip

For this post I’m offering an assortment of easy-on-the ear pieces: three songs and two instrumentals. Click on the images above to enlarge the picture; click the caption to go to the corresponding YouTube video. Alternatively, all five pieces have been collected as both a YouTube playlist and a Spotify playlist (see below).

  • First up is a Hubzilla recommendation from an artist known simply as Celeste. “Hear My Voice”, she implores us in this spell-binding performance from the empty Union Chapel in London. There’s a piano and strings backing band but Celeste’s seemingly fragile frame fills the hall with the sound of her pleading. And we just can’t help but listen to what she has to say.
  • This week, two of the music blogs I follow featured LTE3, the latest album from the Liquid Tension Experiment. The band is a prog rock quartet consisting of John Petrucci (guitar), Jordan Rudess (keys), Tony Levin (bass, Chapman stick) and Mike Portnoy (drums). All four are masters of their respective instruments and together they make some stunning music at the heavy end of prog. The track I have chosen, though, is a mellow instrumental that follows on surprisingly smoothly after the solo pop singer.
  • Track 3 in this playlist is another song from a female singer with a wonderful voice. This time it’s Hannah Reid of London Grammar. She has seen some guy two-timing his girl and remembers how it felt to be treated that way herself. “Lord, It’s a Feeling”, she exclaims, without further elaboration, but the listener is left in no doubt about the disgust and bitterness in her heart.

I saw the way you laughed behind her back
When you fucked somebody else

  • Next we have a newish song from a classic prog rock band: The Gift of Love by Yes. Taken from the mini-album, From a Page, released in 2019, it harks back to the early seventies. Long-standing members Steve Howe, Chris Squire (R.I.P.), Oliver Wakeman, Alan White and Benoit David are credited with writing and performing this track. So it’s no surprise that it sounds like a piece that didn’t make the cut on Yessongs or Relayer.
  • And, finally, Burning Shed‘s newsletter announced a forthcoming album by Steve Bingham who, it turns out, plays cover versions of pop and rock songs on his electric violin. I’ve chosen the Coldplay track, Clocks, to round off this Lucky Dip playlist.

Here’s the playlist on YouTube:

And here it is on Spotify:

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