I have been rather distracted over the last couple of days. When the schedule called for blogging I was reading about quantum theory or wrestling with crosswords. But today I’m determined to be productive. Of course, I’m short of time now, so what better way to salve the conscience than to offer two of the musical distractions that have been diverting my attention?

The first is this unusual pairing of a double bass and kora curtesy of Stanley Clarke and Sidiki Diabaté. The only information I have about this performance is what is in the YouTube description. I can only add that this was recommended by Sylvia J on that excellent source of inspiration, Hubzilla.

The other aural divertissement to intrude on my plans is Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel Im Spiegel, performed here by Angèle Dubeau and La Pietà. This work was mentioned by The Whirly Girl in her latest post, in this whelmed world, and that reminded me that Arvo Pärt deserves more than a passing mention in these pages. He won’t get that today but I hope this will serve as an introduction to his minimalist modern classical style.

And with that I’m off to read about photonics and how it might be used to build quantum computers that work at room temperature. I could be distracted for quite some time …

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