The biggest surprise on my Spotify Release Radar this week was a song called Some People. It was by a band I’d not heard of, but with featured artists of Jean-Luc Ponty and Jon Anderson it had to be worth giving it my full attention. It turned out to be a stomping song that would have made the cut on any Anderson-Ponty album or an early Yes record. The Crotchety curiosity was thoroughly piqued, and the computer mouse was soon scurrying around the Internet for information about a group called Inventioning.

The electronic record is very thin. There is almost no promotional material about Inventioning and what there is says more about Michael Lewis, their guitarist, than the band as a whole. In fact, their whole repertoire seems to consist of just three songs. The Affirmation EP, available on Bandcamp, gathers them into a single package.

Also on YouTube here.

There’s a little more information on Michael Lewis’s Facebook page:

Inventioning bridges the world of Prog-rock and jazz with a variety of styles and influences.

Originally formed by Jon Anderson, Jean Luc Ponty and Michael Lewis in January of 2014, Inventioning was a collaboration to bring the world of Prog-Rock and Jazz together in a new and unique way. As of May 2014, guitarist and producer Michael Lewis remains as the only founding member. Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty have gone on to form the new Anderson-Ponty band. 

While Jon and Jean Luc are not currently involved in the Inventioning Band they are featured on several of the original recordings produced by Michael Lewis. Fans are still hoping that the original lineup will appear together at some point.

The Inventioning band features top-notch virtuoso players, great songs and vocals. Bridgette Lewis steps in as the new lead vocalist (she was the background vocalist on the original recordings). Brian Fullen (also featured on all the original recordings) is on drums. Adam Nitti (the original studio bassist) and Alessandro Bertoni appear as guest artists on the project playing bass and keyboards.

From the band’s Facebook page.

The Bandcamp page also lists Oliver Wakeman as a contributor on Some People. The only other factoid I can add is that Bridgette is Michael’s daughter and, together, they are One Street Over, a band that (unlike Inventioning) has its own website.

I can’t decide whether “inventioning” is a clever invention or just a blooper that stuck. Either way, the music fully lives up to the expectations prompted by the big name contributors. That EP now sits comfortably in the Crotchety music collection, and I heartily recommend it to all readers of this blog.

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