The al-Shaheed Monument, Baghdad

Credit goes to my Spotify-curated Release Radar playlist for this week’s topic. Item 28 in the list was a track by Portico Quartet called On the Light. It comes from Monument, the second album released this year by the band.

Live at the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, Camden, London. 3 February 2018

The Portico Quartet sound is difficult to categorise. And we like that at Crotchety Mansions. It sits comfortably in the ambient booth, but it seeps through the walls into the electronic and jazz cubicles, too. We have placed it in our Orchestral Beats section, where it mingles with Hidden Orchestra, makes friends with Mogwai, and nods to a passing GoGo Penguin.

Here’s another example from the Monument album that’s typical of their recent work.

Warning! This video contains flashing images.

The whole album wanders gently through the highways and byways of the ambient region without ever getting bogged down in introspection or lethargy. Of all the Quartet’s releases, this is, perhaps, the greatest monument to the band’s talents.


  1. Portico Quartet on Wikipedia
  2. The Portico Quartet website
  3. Review of the Monument album on Pitchfork

One thought on “Monument

  1. I’m a Portico Quartet fan already so no hard sell needed here. They seem to be getting more complex / sophisticated and that’s great but sometimes their new stuff seems a little disjointed to me.

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