Hear You Can See

Today’s track-of-the-week has a puzzling title. It might be the end of one sentence and the beginning of the next: “… hear. You can see …”. It could be a spelling mistake: “Here, you can see …”. Or it might be another example of the curse of autocorrect. And that gives me a problem. What picture can I use to illustrate a sample of slow jazz fusion featuring a melody on a fretless bass?

As you can see, I’ve gone for the wobbly spelling interpretation, although there’s nothing wobbly about the playing on this pleasantly understated instrumental by Kick the Cat.

Hear You Can See is taken from KtC‘s 2021 album, Gurgle. It has strong echoes of Weather Report and is one of its two relatively laid back tracks. The other compositions are more upbeat – funkier and, at times, too frenetic for the Crotchety ear. But these guys are well worth hearing.

Vijay Tellis-Nayak (keys), Kris Myers (drums), Chris Clemente (bass), Chris Siebold (guitar)

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