Fleeting Future

A single mother and a married man enter into an affair with the understanding that their relationship is purely sexual. Though they agree the relationship has no future, they find themselves increasingly drawn into each other’s company.


The present is always fleeting. As soon as it has come, it has gone again. And yet it is always with us. The past, in contrast, is permanent; it never changes, no matter how much we would like it to. But, what of the future? Is it pre-determined, as fixed and immutable as the past? Or is it fluid, malleable and, to some extent at least, under our control? If we change our minds today, will the future be different? Is every future at the mercy of our whims and as fleeting as the present?

These questions may (or may not) have been in the mind of Pascal Bideau when he composed his Fleeting Future album of modern, minimalist music that is neither classical nor jazz, neither electronic nor acoustic, neither stuck in the past nor wholly of the future.

Fleeting Future is rather lovely.

John Lewis, The Guardian

The album was inspired by traditional Indonesian gamelan and gong music. The melodies are rhythmic and repetitive, but never boring. Multiple layers are always shifting, introducing fresh new timbres, shuffling out established textures long before they become stale. This is sustenance for the thinking and the unthinking man, a treat for both heart and mind.

With its hallucinatory, genre-defying blend of minimalism, cosmic jazz and Fourth World influences, and in its quest for optimism in the face of unknown and limitless possibility, ‘Fleeting Future’ stands apart as an inventive and inspirational debut.

Pascal Bideau, a.k.a. Akusmi

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