Goodbye Treadmill

Sometimes, everyday life feels like a perpetual treadmill. Faceless people stream by, burdensome responsibilities pile up, events are never under your control. But you must keep going; if you don’t, you will fall, suffering injuries to both body and pride. If the engine powering that treadmill is your job, retirement must seem like the end of the rainbow, with a golden pension pot at the end. Reaching that goal is, I suspect, what the Tommy Scott Trio is celebrating with this track from their 2020 album, Going For It.

Or, perhaps, Tommy Scott was thinking of something much more final when he composed that piece. In the end, we all trip and fall off the treadmill of our lives. Until that time, we can only hope that a blissful hereafter awaits us. Goodbye Treadmill is certainly a joyful tune. It beckons us into the unknown, bringing glad tidings of mirth and merriment. And what could be more fitting for this time of year?

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