3-Piece Suite

Mid-winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Short days. Too cold to go out much. So let’s pass the time curled up on the sofa and listen to some music. Here’s a short playlist taken from my latest Spotify Release Radar.

The first piece looks forward to the month ahead. It probably won’t be any warmer then, but we’ll be able to take a little comfort from the knowledge that the days are getting longer and Spring won’t be too far away.

February is from the debut album by Complete Mountain Almanac, a collaboration between Rebekka Karijord and Jessica Dessner. Rebekka is a Norwegian-born, Sweden-based singer and composer. Jessica is an American-born, Italy-based poet, dancer and multimedia artist. The two women are joined by Jessica’s twin brothers, Aaron and Bryce Dessner, on the album. (The Dessner boys are the guitarists in The National.)

This particular track sits where folk meets pop on the style map. According to bandcamp, “the album cycles through folk, classical, chamber music and everything in between”, but we’ll have to wait until 27th January when the album is released to verify that.

The second piece in my playlist is a song by the indie rock band, The K’s; it’s called Hoping Maybe. We met this band back in 2018 when they introduced us to their Glass Towns. In that post, I predicted they would go far, and they haven’t disappointed the Crotchety Talent Spotting panel in the four years since then. It’s another nicely constructed, swing-along, sing-along pop/rock track that would be welcome on any decent radio station.

And, to complete the playlist, we have our old friends, GoGo Penguin, who see Glimmerings of light at the end of the tunnel of winter darkness. As always, they have produced a wonderfully sparkling 3-part instrumental – music that will lift the mood long past the season of dull skies and chilly winds.

Complete Mountain Almanac

Postscript, 29th January

The Complete Mountain Almanac album is now available on streaming sites, and it’s well worth a listen.

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