The Book of Secrets

Magpie Murders

Not so much a blog post, more a placeholder again this week. The bug that laid me low last time has left me with a lingering lethargy and a backlog of tasks to finish. But let’s not despair. In a recent mailing, I uncovered a secret. In fact, a whole book of secrets, in the form of an album by one Loreena McKennitt, a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Loreena is big in the land of the moose and the Mountie. She makes folk and New Age music, much like Enya and Clannad. And she does it superbly well. Here’s one of her most popular tracks (more than 15 million plays on Spotify).

The mark of McKennitt is felt not only in the atmospheric sound and lush production; she writes stirring lyrics, too. Take Skellig, for example, in which she captures a long life’s journey and lays it out for us to read to the very last page.

The Book of Secrets has been added to the Crotchety bookstack, where it shines as brightly as any of its ilk. Take a copy with you today. Let this not be a secret outside of North America any longer.

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