Manic Moonlight

On Friday Crotchety Man took his camera to the Crich Tramway Village in picturesque Derbyshire. He spent several hours the following day sifting through the photos, cropping them, straightening them and adjusting them for exposure and contrast. A selection was then published as an album on the photo hosting website, flickr. In doing so the photographer…Read more Manic Moonlight

A Clutch of Collectives

collective adjective Done by people acting as a group. "a collective protest" noun A cooperative enterprise. "the anarchist collective and bookshop" What's the collective noun for 'collective'? Wiktionary defines a 'catch' of 'collective nouns' but is silent on 'collective' itself. I need to know because this week I want to bring to your attention two…Read more A Clutch of Collectives