Everything Everything

Everything Everything

I’ve listened to a lot of contemporary music over the last 50 years or so. Inevitably, most of the tracks and albums I blog about were recorded and released a long time ago. But to prove I’m not stuck in the past my latest track of the week was only released at the end of April (this year) and is still getting plenty of plays on the radio.
Everything Everything - Regret
is a pick-me-up, get-me-going song by the Manchester-based indie band Everything Everything. Play this on your portable MP3 player and I guarantee you’ll be swaggering down the high street singing “Regret!, regret!” at passing strangers. You can’t help yourself. I may be an old, white middle class man, short and bald, but this song makes me feel like a gangly young black guy from an American film who greets his buddies with a wide grin and a hearty high five. “Yo, bro!”

I guess that sounds strange coming from this old fogey, embarrassing even, but I don’t mind. If we can’t enjoy a second childhood when we retire, when can we? And it’s music like Regret that keeps us young at heart. Sing it loud. But try not to startle too many people as you pass them in the street.

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