Gotye - Somebody That I Used to KnowBack in January 2012, looking forward to my 60th birthday later that month, I spent some time browsing Internet sites for music I might like and came across a blogger called Xandi. He (I’m guessing it’s a ‘he’) publishes links to music videos of a wide range of genres from all round the world and I enjoyed exploring this uncharted world of music. An artist with an unpronounceable name cropped up a couple times and one track in particular grabbed my attention. In fact, I bought a CD on the strength of what I’d seen and heard. I didn’t regret my purchase and felt as though I’d discovered a star of the future.

Reluctantly, I had to stop following the Xandi blog at the end of February because I couldn’t keep up with his postings (I was working full-time then). However, I Googled for the artist I’d stumbled upon a few weeks before and was astonished to discover that the track that prompted me to buy the album was number one in the UK singles chart that very week! So it seems I wasn’t the first to discover Gotye and his track, Somebody That I Used To Know, after all.

There’s a terrific video of this, my track of the week, on YouTube.

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