‘Cause I’m A Man

'Cause I'm A Man - video still

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

John Gray

Sometimes it seems that men and women come from different planets. Men are tough and strong; women are comparatively fragile and weak, both physically and mentally. Men are insensitive; women are warm and caring. When they are angry men are physically aggressive whereas women are devious and unforgiving. These differences are often exaggerated but there is at least a grain of truth in them. The stereotypes are not completely wrong.

Human personality traits are thought to arise from a mixture of genetics and upbringing in proportions that are difficult to pin down. But, whatever the cause, being male makes you manly in a way you can not control. Tame Impala‘s song ‘Cause I’m A Man recognises the failings of the male gender and offers them as part of an apology for unintentionally hurting his girl.

Saying sorry ain’t as good as saying why
. . .
I have a conscience and it’s never fooled
But it’s prone to be overruled
. . .
Cause I’m a man, woman
Don’t always think before I do

The lyrics are unusually clear and penetrating for a pop/rock song but it’s the music that tickles the ears. ‘Cause I’m A Man is a slow electronic dance track with a deep bass and a dreamy vocal line. It’s getting late, the wedding disco DJ has taken the tempo right down, the multi-coloured lights are sweeping lazily across the floor and a few couples are swaying to their own private rhythm, drifting in and out of sync with the music. The effect is quite hypnotic.

'Cause I'm A Man - band

Tame Impala

‘Cause I’m A Man is a single taken from Tame Impala‘s latest album, Currents. Tame Impala is almost synonymous with Kevin Parker, an Australian musician and producer. Although there are five guys in the band it is exclusively a vehicle for presenting Kevin’s compositions in live settings. The studio albums, including Currents, are written, performed and produced by Kevin himself using guitars, synthesisers and drum machines.

Crotchety Man has always liked Tame Impala tracks when they come on the radio but, strangely, I find their songs soon grow stale when I listen to an album. Perhaps the radio picked the best bits. Or perhaps Tame Impala needs to be taken in small doses. I don’t know. In any case, with that caveat, I am happy to make ‘Cause I’m A Man my latest Track of the Week.

7 thoughts on “‘Cause I’m A Man

  1. Do you really think women are comparatively weak, mentally and physically? I don’t know. I’ve never thought that. I think women are pretty strong in both respects. I can’t imagine, for example, giving birth. Or are you just saying these are the sterotypes?


    • I’m saying that there are differences. The differences are smaller than many people think and should not be exaggerated. But we shouldn’t deny them for the sake of political correctness, either. I did try to research this but the process only led to unenlightening technical detail that doesn’t belong here. However, I think the difference in physical strength is generally accepted and there is also evidence that men are more ’emotionally stable’ than women. I have no idea if that’s nature or nurture, though.


  2. Never liked John Gray’s take on gender influenced communication; too inherently conservative, too much covert anti-feminism, too steeped in stereotypes. But then, this is in the food hall where I earn my daily bread so perhaps I’ll stay clear of that particular fast food outlet!

    Good on you for finding something positive to say about Currents, Kevin’s one-man-show. I paid a bomb for a fancy shmancy vinyl version and was roundly disappointed. But, based on this, I’ll maybe give it another try. Oh, sod it, I’d rather play the first album. That was an absolute ripper, wasn’t it?

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