Trippar Runt Dig

For those of you who don’t speak Swedish, “trippar runt dig” has nothing to do with weakling piglets or archeological excavations. It means “trips around you” in English and it is the title of a single by Urtidsdjur that is released today.

“Urtidsdjur” translates as “prehistoric animal” but the band with that name is very much alive and up for gigging as soon as social distancing rules allow. They were formed in 2017, released two singles/EPs on streaming services in 2018 and recorded material for their first album the following year. The release of the album was delayed by Covid restrictions but will be available as a limited edition vinyl LP on 26th November and as a digital download on 21st January 2021.

In the summer of 2019, the band spent a week in a small chapel in the countryside of Uppland. Salvation or remissions of sins did not occur, instead the band taped their self-titled debut album in front of the altar.

Email from the band

Ahead of the album, Urtidsdjur is releasing three singles, the first being Trippar Runt Dig. Urtisdjur play conventional indie rock songs – there are no big surprises, but everything they do is a pleasure to listen to. And this new single is no exception. The ‘A’ side, Luftslott, has a particularly nice guitar break and the flip side, Klockor klämtar, features some lovely slide guitar. (Google Translate tells me that “Luftslott” means “castle of the air” and “Klockor klämtar” means “bells are ringing”.)

Urtidsdjur is an indie rock solid band. Crotchety Man has had a sneak preview of the forthcoming album and it’s good. I think you’ll enjoy playing with that tripping dinosaur, but watch out for flying castles and don’t let the bells worry you – only Quasimodo would find them disturbing.

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