We met a Swedish prehistoric beast for the first time in September when this blog featured Trippar Runt Dig, a single released ahead of Urtidsdjur‘s forthcoming eponymous album. It was just a short exploratory trip then but those guys are on a much longer journey now. Here’s the first single taken from the album itself, a song about life’s long and sometimes bumpy road.

Hiking Song

Vandringssång tramps along cheerfully like the Seven Dwarfs on their way to work. The guitar melody picks up the old Swedish folk song the leader is whistling and, behind him, two of the dwarfs sing in two-part harmony. A Jew’s harp twangs in time with diminutive bootsteps and, if you listen carefully, you can just make out the sound of an old church organ rumbling softly like the far away sound of mining machinery.

The Urtidsdjur album will be released as a limited edition vinyl LP on 25th November – to pre-order click here. In the meantime, let’s put on our hiking boots and tag along with the musical miners as they head off into the hills for their next adventure.

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