Just the Same

We don’t do repeats on this blog. But today the Selection Sub-Committee has chosen an old song from Gentle Giant, a band that featured here in 2015. Although the song is from the 1975 album, Free Hand, this version has had the magical Steven Wilson remix treatment, making it as clear as a glass bell and as fresh as a dew-dropped daisy. It has a fun Monty Python style video, too.

After a few instantly recognisable finger clicks and a brief piano/guitar intro the song bursts into life and is soon rattling along jauntily. “I’m just doing what I want to do”, asserts the singer, adding “just the same as anybody else”. Nothing wrong with that, is there? And there’s nothing wrong with the instrumentation, either. Only the Gentle Giant boys could have mined nuggets of Renaissance-era melody and harmony, set them like old jewels in a twenty-first-century matrix of progressive rock, and created a wholly original product that both gets the foot tapping and satisfies the intellect.

It may be an old song but, having been touched by the King Midas of the remix, no-one could claim this new version is Just the Same as the original.

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