Straight Path

Save every tree as if it’s the last

Let’s go travelling today. We’ll take the Straight Path all the way to Lahore in Pakistan. There we will meet a band called Jaubi that amalgamates Indian classical music with western jazz.

This track sounds very much like something by Alice Coltrane. The scales and the harmonies are familiar to Westerners’ ears; the tones and rhythms are unmistakably from the Indian subcontinent. There is movement everywhere but it flows at a gentle ambling pace.

The Straight Path is the fruit of a collaboration between Jaubi and two European musicians: London-based multi-instrumentalist Ed “Tenderlonious” Cawthorne and the Polish pianist/composer Marek “Latarnik” Pędziwiatr. This 4+2 ensemble came together in 2019 for two recording sessions, one in Lahore, the other in Oslo. The result was an album called Nafs at Peace, which refers to the last purification step that the self must go through to find peace and be at one with God. Whether you believe that or not there’s no denying the spiritual feel of the tracks on the album. If the Straight Path appeals to you I’m sure a detour taking in the rest of the album will be equally rewarding.

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