Rabbit Hole

Cyberspace is full of holes – rabbit holes that lead to wierd and wonderful places. From the familiar safe haven of Spotify I suddenly found myself tumbling through the subterranean halls of pop music, immersed in the stream of a recent release with hardly a sniff of hip hop. How wierd is that?

The sounds down here are quite unfamiliar, but surprisingly pleasant. Looking around I was expecting to see a hookah-smoking caterpillar but it turned out to be just a common Bugg. Admitedly, it was a much celebrated guitar-playing creature by the name of Jake who was discovered ten years ago in the Nottingham undergrowth, not far from Crotchety Mansions. So, perhaps his presence should not have been so unexpected.

The best description of JB’s music I have found is from his About page on Spotify:

“Raised on a steady diet of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and the brothers Gallagher, English singer/songwriter Jake Bugg’s bluesy, Brit-pop-forward indie folk pairs working-class swagger with wry, weathered romanticism.”

James Christopher Monger

The Bugg’s fourth album, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning is due out on 20th August and he is touring the UK and Ireland next year. (His home town concert is at Rock City, Nottingham, on 30th March).

Now, how do I get out of this deep, dark hole?

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