Breathing Istanbul

This track-of-the-week is just under five minutes of cool jazz, courtesy of my Hubzilla friend, Manuel. How he finds these tunes I can not imagine, but his taste is impeccable.

Breathing Istanbul is from Marco Vezzoso’s 2021 album, Travel, whose eight tracks take us from the famous Turkish city with its spectacular mosque, through Phnom Penh, Oslo, Manila, Jakarta, Prague and Canton to a foggy Tokyo. It would be a long and tortuous journey in real life, but the quartet of Marco Vezzoso (trumpet, flugelhorn), Alessandro Collina (piano, keyboards), Dominique Di Piazza (electric bass) and Trilok Gurtu (tablas, percussion drums) carry us along like feathers floating on the breath of a slumbering Apollo.

Alessandro Collina and Marco Vezzoso

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