For the next two weeks or so, Calum Graham, acoustic guitarist extraordinaire, is running a crowdfunding campaign for his next album. He has appeared in these pages twice before (Waiting, Billie Jean) and on both occasions I have marvelled at his work. CG’s last album, Thread of Creation (2019), was self-released and doesn’t appear on streaming sites. Since then, he has used the Covid lockdowns to build a home studio and write another 12 compositions. The basic tracks for the new material have been recorded. Now he needs the funds to mix, master and release them as the Sympatheia album.

Ordering pre-releases can be risky. You can never be sure what you will be getting. But, in this case, you needn’t worry. Calum Graham never disappoints. His mastery of the acoustic guitar in its many forms is astonishing, and his compositions are spell-binding. Take this duet with Michael Manring on fretless bass, for example.

The new album will be available as a digital download for just C$9.99, as a CD (C$24.99 + shipping), and on vinyl (C$39.99 + shipping). And there are many other rewards for those with deeper pockets. I have no doubt that Sympatheia deserves our generous support.

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