End To End

Some bands I like, some bands I love. If I love them I’ll buy several of their albums; if I only like them I try to find a Best Of… CD and maybe one or two download tracks. Blondie I like. At least, I like most of what they were doing in the eighties. I did buy two or three Blondie albums before I switched from vinyl to digital media but now I content myself with just one compilation CD: Greatest Hits.
Blondie - Greatest Hits - Sight + Sound
Confusingly, there were two Blondie albums called Greatest Hits, one released as a CD in 2002 and a CD + DVD set released in 2006. The 2002 album is well known; the 2006 release is much rarer and it’s this one that features in my collection. Hidden away, just before the bonus track at the end of the CD, there’s a little gem called End To End and this is my latest track of the week.

End To End is a pop/rock song with a beat that pounds like a thumping heart after a strenuous run. It seems to be about a young couple who haven’t got much longer to live. Making the most of the time they have left they do “all those romantic things”, but it’s hard to accept that their lives and their love will end.

So if, by chance,
You should agree

We’ll put an end to the end
And just go on and on.

We all yearn to defy the grim reaper, don’t we? To hold on to the things and the people we love, to live forever. And sometimes we feel, if we want it enough, it must be possible.Blondie - The Curse Of Blondie

End To End was on the Curse of Blondie album of 2003 which, like the Greatest Hits CD/DVD, doesn’t seem to be available any more. I can’t find any purely audio stream for you to listen to but here are a couple of links to videos:

I suspect the YouTube clip violates copyright and might be withdrawn at any time but it does seem to be the version on my CD. The MTV clip is a nice live version and seems to be officially sanctioned; you do have to suffer adverts, though.

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