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Here’s a Track of the Week on the periphery of Crotchety Man’s sphere of interest. It’s a new song by Laura Marling, a singer/songwriter and musician with a background in contemporary folk music, but Soothing is a long way from conventional folk tunes of any period.

The instrumentation is highly unusual. It sounds to me like a duet for acoustic double bass and fretless electric bass guitar. But it’s hard to tell whether I’m hearing one instrument or two. Either way those deep ringing bass notes bounce along, imparting an irresistible impetus to the song, while at the same time providing a counter-melody for the singer’s voice.

The production is sparse, like a pen and ink drawing devoid of colour but with a simple beauty of its own. A little light percussion adds a touch of sparkle but it hardly seems necessary. Then, about half way through, sumptuous strings add a wash of pastel water colours and bring fresh new life to the monochrome print.

The words suggest that a former lover has come to the singer’s door hoping for forgiveness and reconciliation. She turns him away but Laura Marling’s voice sounds hesitant, uncertain, lost.

Oh, my hopeless wanderer,
You can’t come in.
You don’t live here any more.

Both parties are hurting but the man who strayed isn’t the soothing balm she needs. As she offers a fond farewell soft heavenly voices wash across the canvas bringing the deeper colours of pathos to the picture.

May those who find you find remorse,
A change of course,
A strange discord resolved.

Ethereal synthesiser sounds accompany the singer’s final, uncompromising words.

I banish you with love.

You can’t come in.
You don’t live here any more.

It is done. The separation is complete and the finished painting is ready to be hung on the wall. It is a work of muted colour tones but the subject is engaging, the brush strokes are bold and the overall effect is quite enthralling.

Soothing - semper femina

Laura Marling – the tattoo reads “Semper Femina”

Soothing is a single taken from Laura Marling’s forthcoming album, Semper Femina, due to be released on 10th March 2017. The official video was directed by Marling herself and it seems to be exploring themes of gender and sexuality. Personally I find it slightly uncomfortable viewing. In any case, it doesn’t reflect the rejection and finality of the song it is promoting. My advice is to listen on your favourite streaming service but, if you like watching women in tight plastic body suits squirming sensually on a bed, here’s the video.

3 thoughts on “Soothing

  1. “but, if you like watching women in tight plastic body suits squirming sensually on a bed, here’s the video” Well, I confess I’m not totally opposed to the idea. 😀 That said, I did watch the video and found it fairly unerotic if that was even the intent. Might note that midway or so you see a group of guys seemingly sitting there watching the whole thing somewhat impassively.

    Anyway, so much for the video. I liked the song. It has a certain, for want of a better word, moodiness I find appealing.

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